Welcome to my “D&RGW in On3”

Hello everyone,

This site is still a work in progress.  I have been taking new pictures and presenting my model railroad in a much more exciting format than the previous basic HTML. 

So, have a look around and hope you enjoy the new format. Comments on this page are now closed.




15 Comments on “Welcome to my “D&RGW in On3”

  1. Well, today I changed the Theme. Put in a black background and got the side widgets working.
    Lots of work to do on the main pages of Layout Tour etc.

  2. More work today in the limited time that I had.
    Managed to make the “How did I get here?” page look a little prettier.
    Added some pictures.

    Can’t make the Gallery display only 12 images. It seems to want to display all images.
    More work on that to come.


  3. I have added pictures to the “Rio Yard” section of the Layout Tour.
    In the process of photographing Rio to Sonjora for the next update.

  4. More pictures added. The layout tour from Ojito to Sonjora has been completed.
    Slowly getting there.

  5. Comments for Custom Painted Models gallery have been added and updated.
    I have been quite busy for the last week so no time to take more photographs.
    Got the gallery to display 15 images at a time. Fits the page much better now.
    Also changed the method of keeping spammers out from Captcha to a simple math question.

  6. No work to report in the last couple of weeks. Have been busy working outside on preparing what used to be driveway for interlocking bricks.
    The leak in the basement walls around the train room were repaired last year but necessitated removal of 500 ft.² of cement. Now it is time to put everything back so that we have a patio.

  7. Work outside continues and is about 60% complete.
    It is taking longer than I figured it would take but then again, not as young as I used to be.

  8. I did a quick copy of the articles over from the old site. They still have to be re-done but thought it best to get them over here. It will give you an idea of what the content will be.
    Still have to work on the links page.

  9. I have been working on the text and pictures for the “Turntable” article.
    Still not finished until I get the pictures inserted. If the picture is centred on the page, it is an old image.

  10. Tonight, I added a few more replacement pictures in the “Turntable” article.
    Just a few more to go.

  11. The cold weather has returned and it seems more like model railroad time again.
    Added some detail to the inside of the Sonjora warehouse so can now finally install the roof and do the remaining trim to complete the building.

    Started last week working with Lex on the stock yard in Rio. Lumber is stained and distressed so once the warehouse is complete, it will be onto the stock yard project

  12. The warehouse is getting close to complete. Got diverted to working on the stock yard for a couple of days and have managed to get a good portion of the perimeter fence installed.

  13. The stock yard perimeter is complete now. The double loading ramp is coming along.
    Need some lumber for the low ramp. Turns out that D&RGW standard plans specify 3″ boards for the low ramp (cows) and 2″ boards for the high ramp (sheep). The platform next to the track is taking form also.
    Once again, need 3″ lumber to complete this section.

  14. The new stock pens are just about complete. This was the target for the March 2014 Maple Leaf Mafia narrow gauge group’s meet hosted here. I almost made it. There are just a few details to be done yet. There are not very may livestock at this time. I have more cows and sheep that need to be painted.
    Should have the stock yards completed before summer comes when I shut down modelling in favour of getting outside and enjoying the weather.

    I posted an article on Trainorders entitled ” A new siding on the Sonjora Branch” in the Model Railroading section. Non-members can read the article but cannot display pictures full size.

  15. Gallery seems to be broken. Trying to figure it out.

    Also, corrected link to Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Ry. Museum.